Clinical Trials

Eastern Washington Dermatology is currently involved in several exciting clinical trials. We are working with pharmaceutical companies who are interested in bringing new medicines to the market. We are looking for people who might be interested in participating in the study. If you qualify to enter the study you will receive free medical care and many times free medication. You may also receive a stipend to cover gas expenses and to compensate you for your time spent in the office.

Acne Trials:

We are looking for people with acne on the face. You will be screened to determine if you qualify for the trial. Will be enrolling soon. Call if interested 509-525-9404.

Psoriasis Trial:

We have one trial for psoriasis. The trial is a year long study with a new biologic drug called Cosentyx vs Stelara. If interested call 509-525-9404.


Registries are designed to monitor patients that are on new medications for long term safety. We are currently enrolling in two registries:

Coronna would like anyone who has recently started in the last year on any of the “Biologic” medications for the treatment of psoriasis.

Valeant would like anyone who has used Elidel for 6 weeks in the last 6 months.

Please check back for other trials in the future.

For more information call 509-525-9404.